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Via degli Olmi, 53

50041 Calenzano

Firenze - Italy

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Can not talk about art without thinking of Florence and its beautiful monuments are you can not admire one Depos creation without thinking of art. It was just in Florence, with Medici porcelain that was founded the first experimental manifacture of porcelain manufact Between 1575 and 1587, was housed in the Casino of San Marco under the patronage of Grand Duke Francesco I° and then as now manufactures and decorations which precious porcelains are mainly done by hand, skilled hands, that found in tradition their source that found of inspiration. Born in Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence in 1969, Depos imposed itself both in national and international markets thanks to the large production of shapes, designs and high of shapes, quality of its products. Table and Table and furniture found in Depos porcelain items that give a touch of elegance to our home.


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